Physiotherapists experienced in Dance, assisting with injury including Assessment, Treatment & Management. We can also help to improve your technique and assist with injury prevention. Cybèle and Amy have an extensive dance background and are well equipped to provide dance specific physiotherapy.

Injury prevention

  • Identify restrictions/weakness
  • Holistic review
  • Dance and Pre-pointe assessments
  • Educate patient re ability/limitations

Injury management

  • Identify level of severity
  • Education
  • Treat appropriately
  • Home exercise program
  • Self- management advice
  • Referral recommendations if required

Education and advice

  • Body awareness
  • Training load
  • Technique and performance

Enhance dance technique

  • Range of movement
  • Flexibility
  • Balance/centre

Individualised exercise programs

  • In house Pilates equipment
  • Home exercise programming

Why have a Dance Assessment?

  • Entry to course/school
  • Achieve higher level – e.g. Pre-pointe
  • Repetitive injury
  • Underlying pathology – e.g. Scoliosis
  • Physiological changes – e.g. Growth spurt
  • Injury prevention

What does a Dance Assessment entail?

  • Dance history
  • Medical review
  • History of injury
  • Physical review
  • Dance specific tests
  • Exercises to take home
  • Report/summary